“I do think imperfection is underrated”

– Helena Bonham Carter

Oh, great world, how have you prospered without my absurd ramblings? I take that back, my random words of great enlightenment can be found spread all over the net, like a vagabond marking the places he’s conquered with polished turds. But I believe it’s time to collect all of that blinding shit and display it in one place. And this shall be that place. Don’t worry, it’s all petrified so it won’t be messy, but if your one of the two people that actually end up seeing this then I can’t guarantee that you’ll like the smell.


3 thoughts on ““I do think imperfection is underrated”

    • HA, well forum posting is all about efficiency – how can I write the most bullshit in the least amount of time since I’ll be writing a lot of bullshit throughout the day. This though probably won’t even be once a day, so efficiency takes a back seat here. My proper grammar does conflict with this post title though…

      • True true… Well I look forward to seeing what an educated RyTrapp0 can do haha. Love the Aston Martin theme too btw. And the “bitch and moan” section is pretty awesome too. haha

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