About Ry_Trapp0

Unfortunately, not much to say here. Bass player in a metal band('Buried At Sunset'), worked for a professional racing team(Michael Shank Racing - Rolex Grand-Am team) for ~3 months, and am going to school(kinda) at Columbus State for Aviation Maintenance Tech. I do have a pension for self injury, practice a little self deprecation, am very opinionated, and thoroughly enjoy arguing. You've been warned.

Alright, gimme a sec…

I know, I know, there are millions of you out there waiting for some juicy insight into my brain, but your just going to have to wait a little longer till this whole “life” thing gets out of the way for a minute.


“I do think imperfection is underrated”

– Helena Bonham Carter

Oh, great world, how have you prospered without my absurd ramblings? I take that back, my random words of great enlightenment can be found spread all over the net, like a vagabond marking the places he’s conquered with polished turds. But I believe it’s time to collect all of that blinding shit and display it in one place. And this shall be that place. Don’t worry, it’s all petrified so it won’t be messy, but if your one of the two people that actually end up seeing this then I can’t guarantee that you’ll like the smell.